David Minchins'
David Minchin

David Minchin

As the founding member and face of The Giant Hamsters (since 1983), David Minchin is continuing to fulfill all prior bookings and engagements under the name The Giant Hamsters, to the best of his ability.

To set the record straight.....
He did not leave the band, as reported.
He was away, on leave, at the time, and is back in Hobart now.

The band split due to business, musical and personal differences....including disagreement about the ownership of the name and the web-site...both of which David established.
This is, certainly, very confusing for many clients. However, if you are after the authentic Giant Hamsters, this is where you can be certain to find the songs, the sound and the humor.

David Minchins' "original" Giant Hamsters also has a fresh line-up consisting of several musicians who have performed with the band over the past decade, as well as a great new rhythm section.

In the words of Abrahamster Lincoln...
"you can fool half of Hobart half the time...but you cant fool yourselves forever..."

David Minchin can be contacted for bookings or information at...

Phone or SMS  0438 190021
Email minchinhampton@gmail.com

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